Who can join Clinical Health Promotion Society?

Anyone can be a member of CHPS, whether you are within the research field or a clinician, as long as you have an interest for clinical health promotion.


How do I become a fellow or gold fellow of the society? 

When joining Clinical Health Promotion Society you start out as a member and for every two years of membership your membership status gets upgraded as follows:

1-2 yrs: Member

3-4 yrs: Fellow

5-6 yrs: Gold Fellow

>6 yrs: Honoured Fellow


By publishing articles in “Clinical Health Promotion- Research & Best Practice for patients, staff and community” you can bypass the member layers and go straight to the top:

1 scientific publication: Fellowship

2 scientific publications: Gold Fellowship

3 scientific publications: Honoured Fellowship


When will I receive my certificate? 

When signing up for a membership of CHPS, you receive a certificate with your name and membership status, signed by the president of CHPS. The certificates are produced continuously as new members sign up, and is sent to your postal adress. 


How much does it cost?

The membership is free.

Clinical Health Promotion Centre, WHO CC   |   Health Sciences, Lund University   |   Addiction Centre, Region Skåne  

Södra Förstadsgatan 35, 4th floor, SE 20502 Malmö, Sweden   |   info@whocc.se   |   Tel: +46 40 332977