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Fast-track implementation of evidence-based practice

Multi-centre randomized clinical trial: the purpose is to evaluate the impact of the WHO-HPH ‘Fast-track implementation model’ on health gains of patients and staff, on service delivery and on standard compliance.

36 clinical departments (max. 1 from each hospital) from 8 nations were included with acceptance from the department and hospital management. Departments were randomized to the 'Fast-track' model or to their usual implementation routines. At baseline and follow-up after 1 year, the following were measured: health status of patients and staff, assessment of need for and associated delivery of clinical health promotion services, and the degree to which the departments met the 5 WHO standards. External audit, validation and performance recognition at site visits was also conducted.

Contact person: Hanne Tönnesen

Strong for Surgery - Strong for Life

Unhealthy lifestyles are a major risk factor for surgery. The focus of this international project is risk reduction in the peri-operative period leading to reduction of post-operative complications and improved recovery, as well as better health, long term. The Swedish part of this project comprises of the development of an "app" to support pre-operative lifestyle intervention in collaboration with the orthopedic clinic, Joint Academy.   

Contact person: Hanne Tönnesen

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