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Member Benefits
  • Membership in the Clinical Health Promotion Society (CHPS) gives you an opportunity to improve your professional expertise and skills by participating in scientific workshops, meetings and e-learning

  • CHPS is the only multidisciplinary forum for Clinical Health Promotion, and by interacting with other CHPS members, you will broaden your knowledge, and in turn, become a more valued employee

  • As a member of CHPS, you will receive an online version of the scientific journal, “Clinical Health Promotion - Research & Best Practice for patients, staff and community”, where you will be privy to important research results and pertinent information written by experts in all areas of discovery, development and implementation; you may also utilize the online search engine to find, print and read articles by experts in your personal topic of interest

  • Experience personal growth and recognition by: 

    • ​submitting articles for publication in the “Clinical Health Promotion Research & Best Practice for patients, staff and community” 

    • presenting papers at CHPS webinars

    • chairing and teaching workshops and webinars

    • being acknowledged in “Clinical Health Promotion - Research & Best Practice for patients, staff and community” 

    • receiving a member certificate

  • Take part in the CHPS forum to receive updates on upcoming events

  • Access the membership directory in order to connect with colleagues for collaboration

  • Meet and interact with national/international colleagues, and expand your circle of valuable research and other professional contacts

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