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"It is easy to feel convinced that drinking a little alcohol makes you live longer, because many studies seem to support this myth at a first glance"


Researchers from Canada, The US and Australia do not find any benefit of low or moderate drinking in a controlled meta-analysis with 3,998,626 persons.

The myth has probably developed because many studies include previous drinkers in the group of abstainers. These groups often have different health and illness, which may then confound the results in the group of lifetime abstainers. After controlling for this misclassification and other bias, the low and moderate consumers did not live longer.

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"If you have bad genes there´s not much you can do – it’s fate"

Many see genetic risk as an unevitable fate, but for cardiovascular disease it does not seem to be the case.


A new study shows clearly that even those with high genetic risk can reduce risk with life style changes to the same level as for people with low genetic risk.


It is possible to change the course of genetic risk – that is the truth! 

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