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Published: August 2020

"Effects of a School Tobacco Policy on Student Smoking

and Snus Use"

A school tobacco policy (STP) commonly is used to reduce smoking among adolescents, but the effectiveness of such programs is unclear. We evaluated the impact of an STP on tobacco use in 4 schools.


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Published: May 2020

"Evaluation of Very Integrated Program: Health Promotion for Patients With Alcohol and Drug Addiction—A Randomized Trial"

Compared to the general population, patients with alcohol and drug addiction have an increased risk of additional hazardous lifestyles and suffer from more chronic diseases, adding to their already significantly higher morbidity and mortality. The objective of this study was to test the efficacy of the Very Integrated Program (VIP) on treatment and health outcomes for patients diagnosed with alcohol and drug addiction.

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Published: February 2020

"Facilitators and Barriers for a Good Night’s Sleep Among Adolescents"

Sleep deprivation among adolescents is a major public health issue. Although previous studies have described their sleep habits and the consequences thereof, the voices of adolescents themselves are rarely heard. The aim of this study was to investigate adolescents’ experiences regarding what they perceived as facilitators and barriers for a good night’s sleep.

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Published: June 2019

"Compliance with the Very Integrated Program (VIP) for smoking cessation, nutrition, physical activity and comorbidity education - among patients in treatment for alcohol and drug addiction"

Meeting adherence is an important element of compliance in treatment programmes. It is influenced by several factors one being self-efficacy. We aimed to investigate the association between self-efficacy and meeting adherence and other factors of importance for adherence among patients with alcohol and drug addiction who were undergoing an intensive lifestyle intervention. The intervention consisted of a 6-week Very Integrated Programme.

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Published: March 2019

'Bedside tests for predicting difficult airways: an abridged Cochrane diagnostic test accuracy systematic Review'

Although bedside screening tests are routinely used to identify people at high risk of having a difficult airway,
their clinical utility is unclear. We estimated the diagnostic accuracy of commonly used bedside examination
tests for assessing the airway in adult patients without apparent anatomical abnormalities scheduled to undergo
general anaesthesia.

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Additional Articles & Events

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Published: October 2019

Doctoral dissertation

"Karen Hovhannisyan about the subject of clinical medicine with a focus on health and chronic diseases

Time: 2019-12-19, 13:00
Place: Jan Waldenströms gata 5, 214 28 Malmö

Title: VIP (Very Integrated Program): Health Promotion for Patients with Alcohol and Drug Addiction.

Supervisor: Professor Hanne Tönnesen 

Faculty opponent: Professor Peter Allebeck, Stockholm
Dissertation chair: Professor Inger Kristensson

Published: April 2019

Learn how to lead sleep groups - a course for district nurses in primary care

The course is primarily aimed at district nurses and nurses working in primary care who are interested in sleep and insomnia treatment for adults.

Language: Swedish 

Time and Place:

2-3 October 2019

Venue: Clinical Health Promotion Centre, Malmö

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Published: March 2019

Sign up for next course in Gold Standard Programme

We arrange Gold Standard Programme (GSP) courses on smoking and alcohol cessation intervention for staff in health care. The GSP course is related to the national initiative, "smoke-free operation", and the aim is to reduce surgical complications related to smoking and alcohol use. After completing the course, participants can enroll patients in intensive smoking and alcohol cessation treatment. The courses are arranged in collaboration with Lund University, WHO-CC Evidence-based Health Promotion in Hospitals & Health Services and Addiction Centre, Region Skåne.

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Published: March 2019


World No Tobacco Day – Seminar

We arranged a seminar together with Region Skåne, Kunskapscentrum levnadsvanor och sjukdomsprevention on May 29, 2019 in Malmö.

The theme this year is "tobacco and lung health", and the purpose is to provide new knowledge and highlight news and ongoing activities within the tobacco field.

The presentations were in Swedish.

For more information and registration click here

Published: February 2019

HPH Conference 2019: Online registration now open!

Online registration for the 27th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services in Warsaw, Poland, is now available!

Please click here to find all information concerning registration including the link to the online registration system.

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