Welcome to the Clinical Health Promotion Centre, a WHO Collaborating Centre with Lund University and Region Skane, for the Implementation of Evidence-Based Clinical Health Promotion focusing on Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug, Malnutrition, Overweight, Physical Inactivity and Comorbidity (noncommunicable diseases)

Our Mission

"A critical stage in life is when a person becomes a patient and enters a short or longer clinical pathway. To undergo treatment is stressful, both physically and mentally. To improve patient treatment and promote a faster recovery is therefore important, both for the patient and society"

          ~ Professor Hanne Tönnesen

Our mission is to work towards better health gains for patients, staff and community via the following avenues of clinical health promotion:

  • Fast-track implementation of patient-centered health promotion

  • Research, education, networks, communication and programs for integrated clinical pathways

  • Establishing evidence and translating into practice:

    • by collecting evidence to be used for fast-track implementation

    • by disseminating evidence and tools

"Effects of a School Tobacco Policy on Student Smoking and Snus Use"

A school tobacco policy (STP) is commonly used to reduce smoking among adolescents, but the effectiveness of such programs is unclear. We evaluated the impact of an STP on tobacco use in four schools.

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Published article

"Evaluation of Very Integrated Program: Health Promotion for Patients With Alcohol and Drug Addiction—A Randomized Trial"

The objective of this study was to test the efficacy of the Very Integrated Program (VIP) on treatment and health outcomes for patients diagnosed with alcohol and drug addiction.

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The smoking cessation project is actively enrolling patients

This project is a national collaboration that aims to evaluate which programmes are most effective when treating tobacco addiction.

All tobacco counsellors in Sweden may participate free of charge.

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