​Welcome to the Clinical Health Promotion Centre, a WHO Collaborating Centre with Lund University and Region Skåne, for the Implementation of Evidence-Based Clinical Health Promotion focusing on Alcohol, Tobacco, Drug, Malnutrition, Overweight, Physical Inactivity and Comorbidity (noncommunicable diseases).

Our Mission

"A critical stage in life is when a person becomes a patient and enters a short or longer clinical pathway. To undergo treatment is stressful, both physically and mentally. To improve patient safety and promote a faster recovery is therefore important, both for the patient and society"


  - Professor Hanne Tönnesen

Our mission is to work towards better health gains for patients, staff and community via the following avenues of clinical health promotion:

  • Fast-track implementation of patient-centered health promotion

  • Research, education, networks, communication and programs for integrated clinical pathways

  • Establishing evidence and translating into practice:

    • by collecting evidence to be used for fast-track  implementation

    • by disseminating evidence and tools

WHO/Europe training course on noncommunicable diseases: surveillance, implementation and evaluation

The WHO European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases (NCD) is coordinating a new training course on NCD which is jointly developed by WHO collaborating centres and partner organizations. The course is aimed at early and mid-career professionals working in the field of NCD including researchers, policy-makers and postgraduate students.

Read more about the training course here


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Effectiveness of tobacco cessation interventions for different groups

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Long-term follow-up of young children and adolescents with parental alcoholism

National project

The smoking cessation project aims to evaluate which programmes are most effective

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