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QUIT - National project on the effect of stop-smoking interventions for different groups of smokers in Sweden

The aim of this project is to evaluate which programs are most effective for different groups of smokers, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in Sweden. The method is based on a Danish model of collection of individual data via an online project database. At least 8,000 smokers are to be recruited in 2018-2019. Data include tobacco profile including snuff and e-cigarettes, socioeconomics, use of smoking cessation intervention programs, costs and follow-up for successful quitting after 6 weeks and 6 months. The database is available from WHO CC and the Danish National Board of Health and Welfare, but requires adaptation to the Swedish socio-demographics, e.g. use of snuff. By 2020, the main analysis will be carried out, including identification of important factors for quitting smoking.

This project will contribute to the knowledge on the effect of Swedish tobacco intervention for different groups.


Contact person: Hanne Tönnesen

Add Life - Treatment of patients addicted to alcohol and drugs

The overall objective is to evaluate the effect of alcohol/drug addiction treatment in the years 1968-2013, morbidity, life expectancy and causes of death. Sub-analyses are related to the duration of treatment, gender, age, patterns of use, tobacco and socioeconomic factors. Analyses of the costs and cost-effectiveness are also included.

Contact person: Hanne Tönnesen

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